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Our most popular product is a 1" Wax Seal Hand Stamper for $55. Other size available here.

Custom designs are our specialty. We can use your supplied art or you can work with our artists for a unique design.
We also have over 6,000 clip art images. We DO NOT charge for easy design work (most work is easy for us)

If you are emailing us art we prefer that it is in a useable vector format with all fonts converted to curves.

Click to see some of our standard in stock designs

Vector Art
is a type of digital art that revolves around the creation of images
(often, by copying another non-vector image), with the use of vector software.

In computer drawing and animation, a shape may be created in one of two ways, either as a raster image, or a vector image. Raster images work by defining the image in terms of its absolute pixels, eg, a small square might be defined as 4 rows of 4 pixels wide.

A vector image would define a square by its essential coordinates. A triangle, for instance, would be defined by the coordinates of its three vertices. The advantage of this method is that it requires only three pieces of information for three corners, rather than a piece of information for every pixel contained therein.

Vectors also have the advantage of being infinitely resizable, because the coordinates can simply be increased or decreased in proportion. As such, vector graphics often look cleaner and simpler.

Vector Art is the art of drawing pictures using only vector graphics. Vector Art is therefore infinitely resizable. It is also highly flexible and compatible with many mediums, due to its vectorial nature.

Vector Art often seems posterised, as individual pixels cannot be defined, and therefore gradients cannot so easily be achieved. Vector Art therefore often suffers the loss of a gradient, to be replaced with one solid patch of colour.

Popular vector programs include Adobe Illustrator, CorelDRAW, Macromedia Flash and Freehand, Xara X, and Serif DrawPlus



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