Eco Wax Collection

The Eco Wax Collection

Beautiful Wax for a Beautiful World

Made in-house with 100% recycled and re-purposed materials, our Eco Wax Collection features limited edition colors inspired by our love for the environment.  Carefully crafted by our Color Lab, our new line of sealing wax is beautiful, rich in color, and above all else, eco-friendly!

In our pursuit of promoting a healthier world, we wanted to do so in a beautiful way.  To celebrate the launch of our Eco Wax Collection, we have created a brand new line of Fern and Foliage inspired designs for naturally beautiful wax seals.  We invite you to join us and create something beautiful and support a cleaner world.

Welcome to the collection!

Reinvent • Recycle • Create

Big Hearts, Tiny Footprint.

With over 20 years of experience, we know just how much waste can be created in the wax seal industry without conscious effort.  Several years ago, we decided to make a change.  With our goals set and team assembled, we began creating new techniques that would allow us to reduce our waste and transform excess materials created during production into something beautiful!

After countless hours, lots of creativity, and a touch of luck, we developed an internal wax recycling system and very own line of Eco-friendly sealing wax.  We are thrilled to share this meaningful collection with all of you and can’t wait to continue creating new colors and Eco-conscious products for years to come!

Eco Wax Collection

Fern and Foliage Collection

Nature is Calling