Wax Color Collections

We love beautiful sealing wax, which is why we have created 72 luxurious sealing wax colors for use with your custom wax seal, monogram wax stamp, or packaging design!  Available in glue-gun style wax sticks, bottle dipping wax, and custom color wax, we are here to bring your wax color experience to life!

Inspired by the work of our incredible clients, our wax is carefully crafted by our in-house Color Lab using 100% North American sourced raw materials.  With a wide range colors, finishes, and flexibility, we have grouped our colors into four distinct collections.  If you have specific requirements for your wax, we offer custom wax manufacturing to pair your project with the perfect wax.  We encourage you to ask our team about pre-production samples and our Design & Color Guide when making your color decision, as color may vary between monitors!

Original Collection

Full of old world charm, sealing wax from our Original Collection includes some of our most popular classic colors from the last 20 years!  Made from our House Wax Formula, our Original Sealing Wax has the highest level of flexibility and a glossy finish, which is perfect for packaging!  Whether you are looking for a custom wax seal, peel and stick wax seals, or bottle dipping wax, these colors are a fabulous way to add traditional flair to your project! Original Collection Sealing Wax Sticks are $1.50 USD/stick.

Vintage Collection

Inspired by our passion for vintage design, this collection includes our favorite antique sealing wax colors.  Created with our Traditional Wax Formula, this collection is deep in color, with a rich texture which is perfect for wedding invitations, décor, and stationery projects.  We highly recommend our Vintage Collection for intricate monograms or artwork, as they showcase engraving extremely well!  Vintage Collection Sealing Wax Sticks are $2.25 USD/stick.

Modern Collection

Create a truly modern wax seal experience with beautiful sealing wax colors from our Modern Wax Collection.  Perfect for custom wax seals and special projects, our modern sealing wax has been inspired by current trends in the fashion, wedding, and design industry.  Modern Collection Sealing Wax Sticks are $2.25USD/stick.

Designer Collection

Elevate your wedding invitations, stationery, or branding using colors from our Designer Wax Collection.  Designed to complement any project, this collection features 10 luxurious base colors in four distinct finishes.  Whether you are looking for vibrant and provocative, or subtle and soothing, we invite you to break the boundaries of a classic wax seal and create a truly memorable color experience! Designer Collection Sealing Wax Sticks are $2.50/stick.

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Looking for our Legacy Wax Colors?

We will continue to offer legacy colors from our Premium and House Wax Collections until December 31st, 2017. As we have a limited inventory available, legacy colors are available on re-orders only.  If you are looking for a specific color or exact color match, our Color Lab can create custom wax using your Pantone Number or physical color sample.  Please contact our Design Team directly for more information!