How to Design Your Wax Seal

With a love for wax seals and beautiful design, we know how much fun designing your own can be!  To help you create your perfect wax seal, we have created a comprehensive Design Guide that includes our design options, tips, tricks, and resources needed to create something truly unique!  Whether you are designing a single initial, monogram, or custom image stamp, we hope that you will use this comprehensive Design Guide or our quick guides below as you explore the endless possibility of design!

There are three key design elements to choose when creating your wax seal:

  1. The Artwork
  2. The Size, Shape, and Die Type
  3. The Perfect Handle

As there are many different design and style options to choose from, this guide will walk you through each step in detail.  For a brief overview of each section, we have included direct links to our Quick Reference Guides below!

Design Guide

Our step-by-step for creating the perfect wax seal

Step One: Create and Prepare your Artwork

At the heart of every wax seal is beautiful artwork.  Incredibly intricate or stunningly simple, choosing your artwork is the essential first step.  While our Design Consultants and Engraving Team are here to help you transform your artwork, we have created some guidelines to help make your experience as simple as possible!  As each custom image, monogram, or logo can be completely unique, we have broken up our guidelines into two artwork categories: “custom image”, and “wax seal monogram”.

Creating a Custom Image Wax Seal

Whether you are looking to turn your company logo, custom image, or artwork into a wax seal, our Design Consultants and Engraving Team are here to help you every step of the way!  With obligation-free proofs created daily by our Engraving Team, we are here to ensure that your artwork engraves beautifully.  To begin your custom image ordering process, you can either submit a request quote here, or purchase our Custom Image Stamp directly from our Shopping Cart. When purchasing your stamp online, you can use our file upload on the product page or email us with the order number as the subject line to submit your artwork. Once we receive your artwork, we will begin creating an electronic proof so that you can see the proportions, positioning, and placement of your artwork within the wax seal.

Custom Artwork Requirements:

  • High-Resolution (300 dpi), black and white vector image
  • No shading or 3D effects
  • PDF, EPS, AI, JPEG files are preferred.
  • Please send artwork with the finished orientation as you would like it to be engraved (no need to invert your artwork)
  • Black elements of your design will be engraved and raised once pressed into wax.
  • Artwork Tip: The thicker the lines are in your artwork, the more impactful your seal will be!

Designing a Monogram Wax Seal

We love monogram wax seals, and can’t think of a better way to add a personalized finishing touch to your wedding invitations, stationery, wedding décor, or escort cards.  In this section, we will share our tips and tricks for designing your own using our gallery of design options.  If you already have a completed monogram design, please use the custom image guidelines in the section above.  In order to create your monogram wax seal, there are three key design elements to consider: your font; your layout; and your choice of border.

1. Find your Font

Choosing the perfect font for your monogram is a crucial first step to any design.  Cursive and intricate fonts can add elegance and romance, while thinner fonts with clean lines and lots of negative space can create a truly modern feel.  To make your font choice easier, we invite you to explore our font library below, pick your favorite font from, or even send us your own custom font in a .ttf file!

Amazone BT
Bickham Script
Book Antiqua
Coronation Script
Edwardian Script
English 111 Presto BT
English 111 Vivace BT
English 157 BT
Engravers MT
Old English
Shelley Allegro

2.  Pick Your Layout

Once you have chosen your font, finding the perfect layout is the next step!  With a wide range of modern and traditional monogram layouts, we offer single, double, and three letter monograms in both horizontal and diagonal arrangements.  Based on the number of letters chosen and style of font, we recommend selecting a layout that is suited to the amount of detail in your chosen font.  For intricate fonts with lots of detail, we recommend choosing more simplistic layouts with one or two initials to best showcase your design.  If you have any questions on what layouts would be best suited for your wax stamp, contact our design team – they are happy to help!

3. Add a Border

The final step to creating a beautiful monogram, is adding a border.  While borders are not necessary, we love the way that a simple inner circle, laurel, or arrow can elevate your wax seal with the perfect touch of personality!  With a selection of modern and classic borders available, we encourage you to mix and match styles, get creative, and above all else have fun!

Step Two: Wax Seal Size, Shape, and Die Type

Size Options

Now that you have chosen your artwork, the next step of the design process, is determining size.  The intricacy of your artwork, the wax bleed, and your application will all impact the required size.  While simple artwork can be flexible and work with a wide range of sizes, intricate artwork may be suited for larger sizes only.  Our Engraving Team will provide you with recommendations for sizing during the proofing process if needed.

Another factor to consider when selecting size is the amount of wax edge or “bleed” that will be created once your stamp is pressed into melted wax.  This stamping motion will cause excess wax to be pressed out from under the die of your stamper, forming a wax edge or “bleed” around the outside edge of your seal.  Depending on the amount of wax and technique used, the size of bleed can vary significantly from seal to seal.  We typically estimate that the standard wax bleed will add approximately 0.25″ to the finished size of your seal.  As wax bleeds do vary, all of our sizes refer to the diameter of the wax seal die only, and does not include the size of the wax bleed.

Finally, when choosing your size it is important to imagine how you want your finished wax seal to look in proportion to your invitations, envelopes, or packaging.  A small wax seal on a large surface may look lost, while one that is too large can overwhelm your project!  To help envision this, we have created our Sizing Guide, which you can print to scale (landscape orientation only) on standard paper, cut out, and place on your project for a better visual of how your wax seal will look on your finished project!  Sizing Guide can be downloaded here.

We offer the following standard sizes for our Custom Stamps:

  • 3/4″
  • 1″
  • 1.25″
  • 1.5″

*Please note: These sizes are for custom stamps only.  Monogram stamps, single initial stamps, and signature designs are available in a 1″ size.

Miniature sizes:

  • Our 0.5″ custom wax seal is a fantastic option for adding beautiful design with a miniature profile to your special projects, branding, and specialty wedding invitations.  As a wax seal of this size requires very specific artwork, we encourage you to work with our team when planning to create a miniature wax seal.
  • Request Quote

Large Sizes:

  • Having made wax stamps upwards of 3″, no wax seal is too big!  While we offer larger sizes by request, we are pleased to offer the following larger sizes directly through our online shop:
    • 1.75″
    • 2″

Please note: All miniature and large size wax stamps are made with our Permanent Dies and Permanent Handles only.  Additional fees may apply.

Our Engraving Team can create stampers with any dimension that you need for your specific project.  Having worked with clients to engrave stamps of all shapes and sizes, simply submit a Request Quote with your project details and our team will help you create the perfect size!  Custom engraving fees will apply.



When designing your wax seal, shape and size go hand in hand.  Thinking outside the box with your shape can transform the look and feel into something completely unique!   Whether you choose round, oval, square, or a custom shape, we offer a wide range of shapes designed to complement any artwork or project style!

As our specialty shapes are 100% customizable, our team will work with you to make sure that the shape and style of your custom image will suit the shape of your wax stamp.  Our classic round stampers can be ordered in our Shopping Cart, or directly through our Design Consultants.  If you would like more information and pricing on our specialty and custom shapes, please submit a Request Quote with your chosen shape and artwork, our team will provide you with more information!

Wax Seal Die Type

Now that you have chosen your size and shape, the final design element needed before choosing your handle style, is the die type.   Based on your project, and the shape and size selected, the die type needed may vary!

Great for simple artwork and small batch stamping, our Standard Die comes included with many of our designer images and starter kits.  Made of 100% solid brass, our standard Die has a thinner profile, and is suited to individual stamping.

Our Standard Die can be paired with any of our Removable Style Handles (see below), and are available in either a 0.75″ round, or 1″ round.

Made of 100% solid brass, our Designer Die has been carefully crafted to hold temperature longer and allow for deeper and more intricate engraving.  Perfectly suited for custom stamps, detailed logos, monograms or crests, we highly recommend using our Designer Die for any project where you are looking to create an impactful impression.

All Designer Dies can be used interchangeably with our Removable Style Handles (see below).  Designer Dies are available in the following sizes: 0.75″, 1″, 1.25″, and 1.5″.  Additional Charges may apply.

Our Permanent Dies are made with 100% solid brass and are permanently fixed to one of our Permanent Style Wooden Handles (see below).

Carefully designed for large sizes, custom shape stampers, and for their classic elegance, these dies can be created in any shape or size that you wish!

Additional charges may apply.

Step Three: The Perfect Wax Seal Handle

The perfect finishing touch to any wax stamper is a beautiful handle!  When choosing your handle, style, functionality, and wax seal design will all play a factor in this decision.

We offer two different types of handles:

  1. Removable Handle
  2. Permanent Handle

Both styles of handles have been ergonomically designed to help you make the most beautiful wax seals possible.  Each type of handle comes with a selection of differently styles, materials, and finishes to suit any style of application.

Our removable style handles can be paired with our standard and designer dies, many of which are included in our base pricing.  Our removable handles are a great option if you will be using multiple designs, as they can be used interchangeably with any of our removable styles dies.

Our permanent wooden handles have been designed for use with our permanent dies only, and will come permanently fixed together.  Designed and crafted by a master carver, each of our permanent handles is complete with a beautiful smooth surface and finished with a matte black stain. 

Based on your choice of size and shape, the type and style of handle may differ. Our removable handles are compatible with round dies in the following sizes: 0.75″, 1″, 1.25″, and 1.5″.  However, if you have chosen a stamp that is larger than 1.5″, or has a custom shape or size component, then you will require a permanent handle.  Should you have questions regarding a type of handle, or your handle options, we encourage you to reach out to our team with any and all questions!

As fellow lovers of beautiful design, as well as all things wax seals, we are continuously working with local artists to bring you new styles of handles to enjoy!

Handle Options

Now that you have designed your wax seal stamp, the final design element to consider, is your sealing wax color!  Both the most exciting decision, and often the most difficult, we invite you to browse through our Sealing Wax Color Chart and explore our 72 signature colors! We hope that you have enjoyed designing your wax seal and can’t wait to see what you’ve created!

What Will You Create?