Peel & Stick Wax Seals

The Easy Way to Make Wax Seals

Peel and stick wax seals are created with your design, then individually pressed into real wax by our team and finished with an adhesive backing for seals that are quick and easy to use– simply peel and stick!  Engraved with your choice of designer monogram, company logo, or custom artwork, self-adhesive wax seals are 100% customizable and perfect for any surface!

With our years of experience, let us take care of the guess work so that every wax seal you receive is perfect!  With our wide range of design options, our team is here to help you choose the perfect products for your project.  Don’t risk damaging your invitations, envelopes, or design by making the seals yourself – work with our Self-Adhesive Division at to explore why clients choose peel and stick wax seals for a truly modern experience.

Take Your Custom Wax Seals to the Next Level

Fueled by their passion for redefining beautiful design, our team at decided to develop flexible wax seals that looked like hand stamped wax seals, but were purely customizable, versatile, and perfect for any surface! After many phases of testing and development, the peel and stick wax seal was born. Featuring their signature wax blend, project-specific adhesive and manufacturing expertise, our Self-Adhesive Division at has been creating peel and stick wax seals for brides, designers, and brands around the world for over 25 years.

Easy to use, and beautiful, peel and stick wax seals are perfect for everything from wedding invitations and stationery, to packaging, glass, and curved surfaces! We invite you break boundaries with us and discover a truly modern way to wax seal with our team at!

Wax Seals for Packaging

Having worked with brands around the world, our Packaging Division will work with you to create the perfect wax solutions for your packaging needs. Whether you are looking to add wax seals to a new product line, or integrate them into your existing portfolio, our team will assist you with every phase of design and development to ensure a seamless and successful integration of wax seals with your brand!

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