Self Adhesive Wax Seals

Welcome to our Self Adhesive Wax Seal Design Studio!

Our team of experienced artisans are here to help you transform your wax seal stamper into picture-perfect, ready-to-use seals.  Leave the details to us, so you can spend more time getting creative!


Time Saving

We know how busy you are, so let us take care of your wax seals! Our artisans will individually press your seals with the perfect shape, color, and style for your project, then finish each one with our specialty adhesive.  Your seals will arrive  beautifully crafted and ready to use!


Photo Ready

Our master artisans have been practicing the art of wax seal making for over 25 years to guarantee that you receive the perfect look for your project!  Quick and easy-to-use, our peel and stick seals not only photograph beautifully, but also save you more time for styling your masterpiece!

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Fully Customized

We take customization to the next level to create a truly modern wax seal experience.  With the help of our Design Team, discover your own custom wax blend, find the perfect designer color, or create an exclusive custom color to transform the traditional wax seal into something truly unique.

Where to begin?

Self Adhesive Wax Sealing Service

Love making wax seals, but don’t have hours to spend perfecting your technique?  We’ve partnered with our team over at to bring you an exclusive Self-Adhesive Sealing Service that will not only save you time, but also ensure that your seals are picture perfect for your clients, guests, or packaging design!  Included as an add on to the purchase of any stamper, we’re here to help you create beautifully crafted wax seals, in a truly modern way!

How it Works

  1. Design your Custom Wax Seal Stamper (for help with this step, please visit our Wax Seal Design Tutorial).
  2. Once you are ready to order, head on over to the Custom Image Wax Seal Stamp in our online shop and select the Self-Adhesive Sealing Service option before check out!
  3. We will individually press your desired number of seals into your chosen sealing wax, then finish each one with our Professional Grade Adhesive.
  4. Once your seals are ready, we will send you your Self-Adhesive Wax Seals, Brass Keepsake Stamper, and choice of sealing wax.

Our Self Adhesive Staff Picks!

What Will You Create?