Wax Seal Size, Shape, and Die Guide

Wax Seal Sizes

Once you have selected the type of artwork for your wax seal, choosing your shape, size, and die type are the essential next steps to any great wax seal.  With a wide range of sizes available, no wax seal size is too big!  Let’s join creative forces and create something truly custom!

We offer the following standard sizes for our Custom Wax Seal Stamps:

  • 3/4″
  • 1″
  • 1.25″
  • 1.5″

**Please note: These sizes are for custom wax seal stampers only.  Monogram wax seal stamps, single initial stampers, and signature designs are available in a 1″ size.

Miniature Wax Seals:

  • Our 0.5″ custom wax seal is a fantastic option for adding beautiful design with a miniature profile to your special projects, branding, and specialty wedding invitations.  As a wax seal of this size requires very specific artwork, we encourage you to work with our team when planning to create a miniature wax seal.

Large Sizes:

  • Having made wax stamps upwards of 3″, no wax seal is too big!  While we offer larger sizes by request, we are pleased to offer the following larger sizes directly through our online shop:
    • 1.75″
    • 2″

Please note: All miniature and large size wax stamps are made with our Permanent Dies and Permanent Handles only.  Additional fees may apply.

Our Engraving Team can create stampers with any dimension that you need for your specific project.  Having worked with clients to engrave wax seal stamps of all shapes and sizes, simply submit a Request Quote with your project details and our team will help you create the perfect custom size wax seal stamper!  Custom engraving fees will apply.

To help make your sizing decision easier, we have created a wax seal sizing guide, which can be printed on standard paper (landscape orientation only), cut out, and placed on your invitation, envelope, or product.  Including our most popular sizes, our Printable Sizing Guide can be downloaded here.

Wax Seal Shapes

When designing your perfect wax seal, shape is an important element to consider!  Whether you are looking for a classic round seal or something different, we offer a wide range of specialty wax seal shapes that are perfect for outside of the box designs!  Common examples include: round, square, oval, rectangle, and custom.

We offer our round wax seal stamps directly through our shopping cart, or you can work with our Design Consultants by submitting a Request Quote.  As our specialty and custom shapes require a higher degree of customization, we ask that you please work directly with our team for any custom shape, size, or special requests!

Die Types

No wax seal could be complete without a 100% solid brass die, engraved with care by our Engraving Team using your chosen artwork.  To create a beautiful wax seal, choosing the ideal die type for your project is essential.  With three different die styles to choose from, we invite you to browse our collection of dies below and explore their own unique profiles, functionalities, and above all else, design!

Standard Die

Designer Die

Permanent Die

Great for simple artwork and small batch stamping, our Standard Die comes included with many of our designer images and starter kits.  Made of 100% solid brass, our standard Die has a thinner profile, and is suited to individual stamping.

Our Standard Die can be paired with any of our Removable Style Handles (see below), and are available as either a 0.75″ round wax seal, or 1″ round wax seal.

Made of 100% solid brass, our Designer Die has been carefully crafted to hold temperature longer and allow for deeper and more intricate engraving.  Perfectly suited for custom stamps, detailed logos, monograms or crests, we highly recommend using our Designer Die for any project where you are looking to create an impactful impression.

All Designer Dies can be used interchangeably with our Removable Style Handles (see below).  Designer Dies are available in the following sizes: 0.75″, 1″, 1.25″, and 1.5″.  Additional Charges may apply.

Our Permanent Dies are made with 100% solid brass and are permanently fixed to one of our Permanent Style Wooden Handles (see below).

Carefully designed for large sizes, custom shape stampers, and for their classic elegance, these dies can be created in any shape or size that you wish!

Additional charges may apply.

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