Wax Seal Artwork Guide

How to Design the Perfect Wax Seal

To create the perfect wax seal, finding the right artwork is critical!  In this guide, you will find our wax seal artwork requirements for both custom image wax seals, as well as how to design your very own monogram wax seal.  Whether you are looking for something completely custom, or want to use our step-by-step monogram design process, our Design Consultants are here to help you with every step of your wax seal journey!

Custom Image Wax Seal

  • Submit a high resolution (300 dpi), black and white vector image without shading or 3D effects.
  • .PDF or .eps formats are preferred, but we are also able to accept high quality .ai, .jpeg, and .gif files.
  • The black area in your image will be raised when pressed into the wax.
  • Please do not send images that have been inverted: our graphics team require images in their original format as you wish to see them in their final format.
  • Special Tip:  Artwork with thicker lines will stand out more once pressed into wax!

To ensure that your custom wax seal is just right, our Engraving Team will generate an electronic proof using your desired artwork for every new custom stamp order. Your electronic proof will show you the the positioning, placement, and proportion options for how your wax seal will look once engraved.

To receive your electronic proof:

  1. Please submit your custom image either via Request Quote, or via email upon placing your online order. Our Custom Wax Seal Stampers can be purchased directly, here.
  2. Once we receive your high resolution image file, our Engraving Team will create an electronic proof for your review.
  3. To approve your proof, simply select your desired artwork option, complete the form, and return it to us via email.
  4. Upon receiving your approved proof, we will provide you with confirmation and details on how to finalize your order.

Please note: We will notify you via email if we require an updated image file for generating your electronic proof.


High resolution, black and white vector image


Finished Wax Seal with Custom Image

How to Design Your Own Monogram Wax Seal

Now that you have chosen to design your own monogram, the next step is choosing the three key components that are at the heart any beautiful monogram: the font; the layout; and any extra details needed to bring your designs to life!

Below you will find our step-by-step monogram design process including our font library, monogram layouts, and border gallery!

Whether you are looking for an intricate monogram, or would like something more modern, simply pick your favorite elements, select your letters, and leave the rest to us!

1. Choose Your Font

Below you will find our most popular wax seal fonts as chosen by clients, brides, and designers just like you!  With a collection of cursive, classic, and modern fonts, we encourage you to explore the fonts below, send us your own (in a .tff file please!), or send us your favorite from dafont.com!

Amazone BT
Bickham Script
Book Antiqua
Coronation Script
Edwardian Script
English 111 Presto BT
English 111 Vivace BT
English 157 BT
Engravers MT
Old English
Shelley Allegro

2. Pick Your Layout

When designing your monogram, layout is often the most important design element!  With many different designs to choose from, we encourage you to pick your favorite, play with different fonts, and even add a border for the perfect finishing touch!

3. Add a Border

Our border gallery includes our favorite selection of classic and modern borders that will finish off any monogram with a special finishing touch.  Still haven’t found quite what you’re looking for – send your inspiration photos or designs to our team, and we will help you find the perfect border!

Together, we will create something beautiful