Wax Seal Handle Guide

No wax seal would be complete without the perfect handle!  Ergonomically designed to help you make the perfect seal, we have developed a wide range of handles that are suited for every type of project, and die type imaginable!

If you haven’t already explored our Shape and Size Guide to choose the perfect die type for your project, we encourage you to do so, as handle type will be dependent on the size and shape of your wax seal.

Below you will find our current selection of classic and modern wax seal handles to complete your look!

Removable Handles: Our removable handles have been carefully designed to attach to our standard and designer dies, and work interchangeably with multiple different removable dies.  Perfect for mixing and matching, our removable handles are perfect for projects where you would like to mix and match your designs, or if you can’t pick just one!

Permanent Handles: Our permanent handles are carefully hand carved out of solid wood, then finished with a modern, matte-black stain.  Permanently attached to your wax seal die, these handles are designed for use with our permanent dies only.  Our permanent handles have been crafted by a master wood carver to provide a solid wood handle that has been ergonomically designed to produce beautiful wax seals.  Additional charges may apply.

S02 – S06: Our Modern Removable Handles are included in the base pricing for all of our Designer and Custom Wax Seal Stamps.

Aluminum and Brass Handles: These beautifully elegant handles are suited for use with our removable style dies only.  Additional fees apply.

Permanent Handles: As each handle is made of solid, hand-turned wood, upgrade fees apply and will be provided during the quote process.

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